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Rolling With DJ Adam Merchandise

Headphones, hat, pen, shirt, sweatshirt, bag, mug and more come with any purchase listed below. You have a choice of buying $5,050.99 for the entire set or to buy $500 or more a month to receive a different item every month. Fill out the form to claim. Orders can take 4-6 weeks to be processed. All proceeds go to Rolling With DJ Adam to help maintain website cost and advertising costs and more.

Click below to choose your donation option. Thank you for your charitable donation. Please save your receipts, as you are now able to claim charitable donations up to 50% of your taxable income. Once full payment is received a confirmation email will be sent to the donor. Please consider making a donation.

P.S. The problem is, the shipping costs for his merchandise is so high, that if he lowers the price he would lose money. He has been getting feedback, that the products are too expensive. He is disabled; it is easier for him to deal with one company who will do everything for him, instead of several companies who do not have an understanding of the needs of disabled people. The company that he works with, is understanding of people with disabilities.

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Peace and tranquility with our jukebox DJ in Chatsworth, CA.

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