Rolling with DJ Adam
Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and
Those who are negative will fall behind you.

Peace and tranquility with our jukebox DJ in Chatsworth, CA.

God is with those who believe not where you go many churches don't understand it that is the true meaning of gods Word.

Rolling with DJ Adam

Metaphosics Degree Certificate Master of Wicca Certificate Credentials of Ministry Certificate
Certificate associate in arts Rolling With DJ Adam Certificate

Uplifting and Motivating Ministry Services in Chatsworth, CA

A gift to serve is embodied in Rolling With DJ Adam and has blossomed with his status as a minister of the Universal Life Church. He is ready to share his uplifting message of positivity and spiritual renewal through his ministry services in Chatsworth, CA.

There are times when a message gets lost on its way from the minister to the recipient, but that’s not the case here. DJ Adam draws upon his strength of personality combined with his God-given talents to express ideas, images, and motivational concepts with clarity and conviction. Thanks to the dedicated training he received from the Universal Life Church, he’s expanded on his ability to connect with others on a deep, meaningful level. Whether he’s officiating a wedding or reaching out to an individual one-on-one, DJ Adam is prepared to help in whatever way he is needed.

A Passion for Expression

Music and religion are closely linked. DJ Adam draws upon his passion for artistic, musical expression and channels it into his work as a minister. By doing so, he’s able to bring new life and enthusiasm to any ministry service he provides.

Despite the many challenges DJ Adam has faced in his lifetime, he’s never let anything stop him from pursuing his dreams. Through his skills as an artist and a positive personality, he’s conquered many obstacles on his journey through life. Now, he looks forward to helping others with their own journeys as well.

You won’t regret having Rolling With DJ Adam officiate your next service, ceremony, or event. He looks forward to meeting and working with you.

$85 For Minister Services
$75 Per Hour
$65 For Travel
$10 Per Photo

2 Hour Minimum
For services:

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To Book, Inform Us of Hours Needed. 
A Minimum Deposit of 50% (which is non-refundable)
Deposit MUST be Paid One Week Prior to the Event.
Or, the payment can be made in full below (50% non-refundable if canceled).
Payment in Full Due 24 Hours Prior to the Event

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Contact Rolling with DJ Adam to learn more about his ministry services. He is proud to support and guide individuals in and around Chatsworth, CA.

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