Here is the script of the comic book DJ Adam would like to create. If you would be interested please email us at.

1. Dark Street with dim lights with Street performers, shops, Eateries.

2. Got my powers, supernaturally.

3. I got my power through “Street Shadows."

4. My powers are the powers of movement and order.

5. My powers push away negativity like the Hamsa’s protective force.

6. My bell rings with the sound of hope and clarity. 

7. I use my powers to lift and inspire others with my musical sounds and smiles through my mask.

8. My power comes from the universal Ohm before it is actually music.

9. One sound becomes many and many sounds is the universe.

10. My power is quiet but mighty, and is always moving forward, on positive vibrations.

11. My mask is made out of black and white quilt like material, it's light and breathable. This mask brings positive vibrations and protection against all, bringing peace to the world.

12. My boots are silver, covered with sparkling sequins, like the stars in the sky, twinkling all is well.

13. My hands are my antennas to draw in positive energy, and this energy.

14. My powers work through my wheel chair, and guides it in the direction of the light.




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