Rolling With DJ Adam Angel

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and
Those who are negative will fall behind you.

Peace and tranquility with our jukebox DJ in Chatsworth, CA. 

Homecoming DJ in Chatsworth, CA

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DJ Adam is looking for volunteers to spread the word about his DJ business and how he is DJ-ing to create an income for himself. He wants volunteers to help put up flyers in their neighborhoods/local businesses, share his posts on social media or talk about him on their accounts/blogs also to help him get monthly shows. Adam is looking to perform at weddings, birthday parties, special occasions, and homecoming DJ in Chatsworth, CA.

He wants people who are willing to go out and actively try and get donations to his websites. In return, he will be happy to offer them letters of recommendation for jobs and allow them to use him on their resumes. He is also willing to share about them and their business ventures/interests on his own DJ pages.

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