Moses Sperber

$110 Minister Services
$100 Per Hour
Travel fees varies
$30 Per Photo
2 Hour Minimum
For services:

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To book, inform us of hours needed.
A minimum deposit of 50%, which is non-refundable, and is due at the time the event is booked.
The balance MUST be paid one week prior to the event. 

Or, the payment can be made in full.
All payments are non-refundable.
Please note: he is in a 500lb power wheelchair. His sound system works indoors, if your event is outside, you will need to provide a PA system.

Professional Wedding DJ Services in Chatsworth, CA

Weddings are exciting and joyous events that are meant to be celebrated to the fullest. Figuring out logistics can be a bit tough, which is why having a reliable source of music crossed off your list will help alleviate some of that wedding planning stress. Music matters, setting the mood and bringing extra depth to any event; that’s why you can count on Rolling With DJ Adams for professional wedding DJ services in Chatsworth, CA. Get ready for a great time and music that suits every occasion.

Benefits of Wedding DJ

One of the hardest things about finding the right songs for a wedding is finding the best balance of songs that suit your taste and that of your guests. There are many more benefits to consider, such as:

  • Professional Equipment
  • Experience and Skill
  • Professionalism
  • Respect and Adapt Music Selection
  • Value for Money
  • Peace of Mind
  • Memorable Experience

Although today’s technology makes it possible to run music by yourself, successfully pulling off a night of celebration and music takes skill and experience. The ability to read a crowd is essential when considering which song to line up next or accentuate the mood. It truly creates the magical memories a wedding day should be all about. Contact Rolling With DJ Adam today to learn more about his wedding DJ services.